I Sing The Body Electric


I celebrate the me to come.

I toast to my own reunion, when I become one with the sun.

Self-care is a journey.

It’s not the kind of straightaway expedition where point A and point B are right next to each other. It’s a topsy turvy venture that will have you going around in circles trying to figure out what the end even looks like.


I’ve been through a lot with self-care. My journey began as a teenager, where I spent much more time doing a lot of what other people cared for rather than doing what interested me the most. I’ll let you all in on something – it’s never easy trying to fit into a mold that wasn’t made for you. I won’t say I learned that the hard way, because I feel like I learned that the way I needed to.

I am stubborn, and I always feel like I could be a bit more vigilant with my heart. Looking back on the times I learned from the excruciatingly embarrassing moments of learning from my mistakes, I never realized that I was dressing my stubbornness up as a false sense of hope. This hope was my guidance in trying so hard to emulate the world I saw most often around me, rather than just accepting who I am and learning how to guide that extraordinary being through day to day journeys.

I used to think that the smartest decisions I could make were the ones that brought me closer to the nucleus of what everyone else was doing. The closer I tried to get, the further I distanced myself from what I actually loved. For years I’d do this, and I honestly saw no problem with it. I genuinely believed that happiness would come if I took the same path as everyone else, but that’s not how it works.

The path of everyone else’s lives hasn’t brought me to where I am today. Through life, I’ve stumbled through one emotional obstacle after the other to only find out that everyone’s path isn’t drawn out the same way. I don’t have to be what everyone else is, and I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. That isn’t what’s going to make me happy.

Acceptance is where it all starts, but it’s no easy place to reach. I’m in my early 20’s now, and I’ve learned that the journey of growing up and being happy is never going to be something that comes with a how to guide.

But, there is a fundamental root to figuring all of that out.

Care for yourself, and be true to who you are. It’s a journey that sounds much easier than what it is, but I’ve been going through it, and it’s been one of the most exhilarating expeditions I’ve been on.

Caring for yourself is powerful. Realizing who you truly are and knowing the capability of who that person is, is powerful. Don’t ever give yourself the opportunity to talk yourself out of how extraordinary you are.

So I leave you with a quote that recently inspired me to think about how important it is to know that the most powerful version of yourself is the version you feel fully true to.

People, especially women, should not talk themselves out of their power.

– Chirlane McCray

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