Days that Run Away


The photo adventures I go on are my source of personal liberation, but they also educate me. Especially when they’re with people who not only are with you to document moments where you’re both having a good time, but who also build you up in your craft.

Ashleigh and I have been collaborating with each other on shoots for about two and a half years now. She runs a fashion blog and crafts her own jewelry from scratch, which you can take a look at here.

Before shooting with her, I was terrifyingly shy and indirect with my skill in taking photos. I’d had a background in it before because I’d shot concerts, and I’d always been known as the friend who brings her camera everywhere. However, I’ve never had to do something where there was a specific image in mind, I just shot and hoped for the best.

The thing about Ashleigh is that she’s very direct in what she wants, but also very good-natured about it. Our first shoot together was in a dark museum that had beautiful neon pieces by Tracey Emin as part of her “Angel Without You” exhibit back in 2014. I was extremely nervous, and I felt like us shooting together wouldn’t work out because of that. I was having trouble with trying to figure out how I could capture the pieces and Ashleigh as one singular piece of photographic art, but I just kept on getting frustrated because I couldn’t figure out how as quickly as I’d like to.

Despite my frustration, Ashleigh was so gracious and patient with me, constantly telling me that we would get something out of all the photos we were taking. Her encouragement is what pushed me to keep trying, and we’ve been on numerous photo adventures since then.

To this day, Ashleigh’s been a huge instrument to my growth in photography. The other day we went out to shoot photos for her blog and as part of a collaboration with Dezzal Clothing, and the photos from this shoot were a marker for me of how far I’ve come with my work.

I’ve broken out of my timidness in direction and lack of confidence in sharing my work. Here we are, in a new chapter where I will unashamedly share with the world what I can do with the talents I’ve been given.




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