I Think, Therefore I Can.

When our universe began, it didn’t just appear through some kind of advantageous happenstance. There wasn’t some large explosion that unpacked our space systems either.

Our universe began as a very hot, dense, single point in space. There were no stars, no planets, no form, and no structure. The forthcoming potential of it was still awaiting the opportune moment to burgeon into the cosmic spectacle that it is today.

In the event that we know as the “Big Bang”, the singularity that our universe was began to expand. From this expansion, atoms began to bloom into the star systems and galaxies that we know today.

In our universe, everything is designed for a purpose. The breathtaking system of our cosmos and all its stars, planets, and galaxies works in a sophisticated and interwoven way where everything just makes sense.

In short, our universe is pretty darn awesome.


As astrophysicist and brilliant mind Carl Sagan wrote in his book The Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective:

Our Sun is a second or third generation star. All of the rocky material we stand on, the iron in our blood, the calcium in our teeth, the carbon in our genes were produced billions of years ago in the interior of a red giant star. We are made of star stuff.

We are made of the same awesome stuff as our universe. Knowing this, it’s necessary that we treat ourselves and think of ourselves as such. Why sell ourselves short of the realities we know we deserve?

At times, I forget the power my thoughts wield. A la Rene Descartes: I think, therefore I can create an amazing life – or a completely sub-par one.

The thing about our thoughts is that what we think, is what we subconsciously deem to be our truth. This is why it’s paramount that we present our thoughts in the most positive light that we can, so we can give ourselves the glorious realities that we deserve.


It can be laborious to try to fashion our thinking towards a brighter reality. We all endure our own circumstances with life that can cause us to be stiff-necked about changing it. Sometimes life is too good and we think it can’t get any better. Other occasions we’ve tried far too many times to take a leap and change our lives, only to find ourselves flat on our faces.

If you want change in your life and if you want it really badly, you’ll find the will to make it happen.

The issue is that we can get so comfortable with the fallacy that life now is what life will always be. Any attempt to come to terms with something other than what we see as our truth seems impossible.

As British philosopher and self-help dignitary James Allen stated in his book As A Man Thinketh:

Mind is the Master power that molds and makes,

And Man is Mind…

We are made of the sanctified power that created us. We are literally fashioned by the thoughts we process – our characters are the complete sum of our thoughts.


This is our power. If we give our minds the opportunity to be as boundless as the cosmos, we can take our realities to the places we desire most for them to go. If we never attempt to look beyond the horizon, we’ll never give ourselves the opportunity to behold the cosmic spectacle of our universe.

Our universe could have stayed a cold spot in space, but here we are within it getting to enjoy the beauty of its expansion. You’ll allow yourself to be who you want to be, that’s your choice as a human being. The sky will stretch as far as you let it. For the sake of your happiness, choose to live as luminously as the cosmos.

There are galaxies inside you. Let them sing.






44 thoughts on “I Think, Therefore I Can.”

    1. It’s very heard to stretch our minds and open them past the limits that we see in front of us. It takes a lot to think outside of what we’re used to, but when we get there, it almost feels like we’re capable of being unstoppable.


  1. Love this! This is what I needed to read today and the universe sent it to me. I believe that things do happen as they should and there is a greater reason for ourselves and our journey. I must keep my thoughts in check! BTW…I LOVE your outfit…very chic!

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  2. The first thing I noticed is the smile with white bright teeth in this post. Such a great way to start this week topic – Think, therefore I can! Love this powerful affirmation. This is make a positive impact to me and I am sure I can achieve more things today, this weekends and next weeks….
    By the way, I love the sheer tops a lot 🙂

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  3. Yes!! I definitely believe that the power of our thoughts is very influential on how we feel, and what we ultimately become. This philosophy is also at the heart of cognitive behavioral therapy :). Also, I love your top! The stars on it match your opening paragraph about the cosmos. A really great post!

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  4. Hey I started reading and then couldn’t stop and this is quite unique for me as I’m super hard to please. What a unique perspective you have on our ability to be as the universe intended us to be. I never stopped to think about the cosmos in all of this big drama called …Life! You have given me food for thought and that’s not easy to do. Well done!


    1. I’m glad you took this in so well! Thank you for your kind words, it always pleases me to hear that people like my writing and are able to take something from it, so honestly, thank you so much for your kind comment ❤


  5. This was a really inspiring read. Our brains area powerful tool and it is so easy to think the life you are living is just it when we can actually dream big and achieve anything!

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  6. Loving “The sky will stretch as far as you let it”. It resonate with my favourite quote “What you ask from Life, it will gladly pay”. Loving the top too!


    1. I agree with that quote wholeheartedly. What we ask from the universe all depends on how we choose to put it into practice – we can’t ask anything of the universe and then do nothing with it. Thanks so much! I thought it went well with the topic, haha


  7. Believe in your thoughts is first key to get success. Many times we don’t work much as we surrender with current situations. Mind is powerful if you use it positively!!! Ofcourse stunning photos!!!

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    1. yes, yes, YES. The mind is a powerful tool and through our thoughts we can make or break our realities, give yourself positive thoughts and it’ll lead to a good life. Thanks so much! My best friend is magical with taking photos.


  8. There is power in thoughts..as we think, we proclaim, and we achieve! ‘There are galaxies inside us, let them sing’! Very powerful message you got for us! I’m inspired…anyway, you are also looking darn too gorgeous! With a vibrant smile and a cute look, you are definitely way to go!


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