We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

Oscar Wilde couldn’t have jotted down a better phrase to describe my life.

My name is Idora Yasin. I’m on a journey to discover how far into this prismatic world I can travel to. It’s been an expedition of intrepid proportions, with each adventure taking me to a new place of self-education.

When I was younger I was always known as the shy child hiding behind their mom’s knees, too timid to talk to anyone if they weren’t my parents or my sisters. Reading was always my favorite escape to a different place where I could learn about an assortment of characters and envision their personalities. Over time, taking myself into another world through a good book turned into writing about the world around me.

Along the way I’ve happened upon a manifold of the eclectic stories of others and learned about the lives they lead, and the passions that rouse their being. We’re all navigating through our own terrains, wrestling with the trenches of our existence. There’s a beyond to look towards that’s brimming with euphoria.

This is my story of how I’m getting there.

This is about people.

This is about experiences.

This is about learning, and sharing.

I hope you enjoy!