The Giving Project


Welcome to The Giving Project. It’s lovely to have you.

What is The Giving Project exactly?

The Giving Project is a way to pay it forward with the power of words. Some of us don’t realize the capability we have to create magic with our own writing. Whether it be a blog post, a letter, a note or a postcard – we have the extraordinary capacity to lay an impact through our words.

At its core, The Giving Project is a community that encourages its participants to empower themselves and encourage others through words.

How does it work? 

  • Receive your inspiration. Twice a month you’ll receive a postcard with words of affirmation. Be inspired by these words. Take them in and let them move you. 
  • Pay it forward. Let these words inspire you to move someone else. With your postcard, you’ll receive stationery to write something beautiful to send to someone else. It could be a friend in need, someone you haven’t seen in a while, or someone you just want to appreciate.
  • Create something extraordinary. Brighten someone’s day and make them feel empowered.

The mission of The Giving Project is to highlight the immense power of words to move people forward and to also show that the world is never short of kindness.

The first round of affirmation kits will be sent out May 4th. To participate, all you have to do is sign up below! Please note: Each round is limited to twenty participants. Every month, the list will be refreshed to offer others the opportunity to participate.

I look forward to spreading kindness with you all!